Friday, April 8, 2011

It's Friday, Friday...getting down on Friday

okay so if you are like our household
then you have heard the RIDICULOUS (ugh)
catchy   song by rebecca black...
oh my goodness, since i actually have
a daughter/son in law who write
REAL meaningful, soulful christain music/lyrics,
this song has been somewhat funny
for us here in this household
but, i will admit (much to my dismay) the tune is catchy
even if the lyrics ARE just plain ridiculous!
i have read that
the song  'friday' by rebecca black
is an internet sensation
receiving over 1 million hits on youtube
on its premiere day!!!!

so i am watching the grandson
today, the babysitter was busy
so granny to the rescue!
i am going to try and meet my friend
for coffee later this afternoon though
so here is what day twenty looks like...
wearing the same cardi today but,
switched it up with a skirt  and tank
instead of the jeans and button up-
super duper comfy for a
coffee date with a friend!

so see, i told you yesterday that i LOVED this cardi and could wear it everyday...;)
i am wearing pearls that were thrifted...a tank top from urban outfitters, khaki skirt is so old... blue nylons from target and super cool boots are lucky brand from tjmaxx

may you have a wonderful and lovely weekend...
the sun is shining here AGAIN...but weather man
says it won't last...sigh...
anyway, be happy....shine your light my friends
life is truly wonderful



Vic said...

u sound so busy my love! i made you a new's on my sidebar...check it out and tell me if you want to swap it..u can actually just take it, copy it and upload to tiny pic or something and replace the direct link code for your viewers to grab! have a nice weekend with your grandkids..xo

Tatiana said...

Hanging out with the grandkids must be a blast :-) Your daughter is so lucky to have you close by. I wish my mom was closer so she could babysit sometimes. Haha.
You look great!

Ms. Becky said...

I love your writing, your glasses, the hair, and your attitude.
I can feel the joy. thanks for the lift up. and thanks too for visiting my blog, it means a whole lot. hope you have a really grand weekend Melody-mae.

TexaGermaNadian said...

I have yet to hear the song....and from what I have heard online, I intend to keep that way. You see, there are some good things about being out of the country :) Have a fabulous weekend!

Thisisme. said...

Believe it or not, I haven't heard that song!! :( Yet another cool outfit. That cardigan is rather super!!! Lovely to be able to look after your grandson. My two little ones (2 year old grandson and 15 month old granddaughter) live only five minutes away, so I see them a lot and have great fun playing with them. My other daughter, son in law and 13 year old granddaughter are arriving from France later this evening and will be staying for 10 days. YAY!! Have a lovely weekend.

EmptyNester said...

I have a black cardigan that I absolutely LOVE! Tucker loves it too so now, if I leave it lying around, he sleeps on it.

I haven't heard the song...guess I'll check it out- I've never heard of Rebecca Black either.

-dweej said...

How is it that you have a *GRANDSON*?!?! You look amazing! The country life does a body good... :)

Adriana Iris said...

you look so cute

Ms. Blasé said...

Lovely as always :0)

And concerning that Rebecca Black song, I've been purposely avoiding it like the plague simply because people have hyped it up to no end. When the frenzy dies down in a year or two, then perhaps I'll take a listen.

Alely said...

lol! yes, i agree the tune is pretty catchy! my daughters have been listening to that...don't know why.

thanks for visiting my WIWW post and for your sweet comment. i love that ruffled top too much i think that i have been wearing it out!

happy weekend!

Shawn said...

One of my adult granddaughters posted the Youtube video on FB but I did not have time to look at it..guess i better go back and watch it!
You look lovely , as usual!

Robyn Burke said...

Hey beautiful, you were blogging about a song and I blogged about the song running thru my head today! Actually, posted the video link with the song.
thanks for the great afternoon and the friendship and love. and for your support, encouragement and prayers. :)

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

This is the weirdest thing ever ...

It is way past my bedtime and I shouldn't be reading any more blogs, as I must get up early for a track meet.

I was reading a friend's blog, and for some random reason your comment caught my eye. (I truly have no idea why I popped over here.)

I read your profile and thought "Hmmm ... she's from WA." (and I'm from WA) Then I thought, "She lives on a dairy farm." (and I live in a dairy community).

Then I popped open your blog ... saw the very first picture (of the boots, tights, and bottom of skirt), and I almost fell over.

Because ... I am sure that I SAW YOU TODAY.


I was sitting in my car, at my daughter's baseball practices when I saw you walk by. I noticed your fun and stylish outfit with the super-cool boots.

It HAD to be you.

Crazy! Weird!

Truly ... I am NOT a stalker. :)

Gotta tell you ... you do NOT look like a grandma.

Okay. Off to bed. I'll be looking for you to walk by the ball fields again. I'll make sure to say "hi" so that you don't think I'm stalking you.

Laurel :)

Katie @ Chicken Noodle Gravy said...

I LOVE those boots. I haven't heard that song, but I'm kind of glad I haven't ;)

b. lee said...

hope u had a sweet coffee date with ur gal friend ~ the fuchsia layer really adds to the combo * *