Wednesday, April 20, 2011

awards, oh how lovely

amidst the posting of my
30 for 30 remix challenge
i was given some bloggie awards
from some pretty sweet peeps!
Katie and Beth how sweet are you two?
thanking you doesn't seem like enough!

Katie gave me three awards;

oh my goodness, how nice and sweet are these?

then a couple days later
Beth bestowed on me the
Versatile Blogger award!


i am not sure how deserving of these awards i am
but i do so appreciate them
and am reminded of sally field...'you like me, you really like me'

i never in a million years would have
ever thought
when i started blogging
i would have anyone but family
that would be interested in what
i had to say
and so
i humbly accept them

now the rules...
i love katie's attitude
she is a rule breaker
and i plan to follow suit! ;)
i will however thank katie and beth for the lovely know i love ya!

the hard part is the things about me and gifting the awards...
five things about me you may not know?

1. popcorn is my comfort food. it reminds me of all that was good about my dad! he made it almost every night after dinner and he and i would sit and eat a whole, huge bowl by ourselves...
2. i am a fair weather person, if i could i would live some place where it was always warm & sunny
3. i have three grown daughters...yes, i said THREE girls! my hubs and i raised three amazing girls and lived to tell the tale! :) of course there were days when i though i might not! LOL
4. my husband and i along, with ALL 3 of our girls... all went to and graduated from the SAME HIGH SCHOOL!
5. i moved to washington when i was 10, when i was about 13 i told my mom & dad i would NEVER, EVER marry a stinky dairy farmer...because when we drove around it always smelled like cow poo...and guess what i did? i fell in love and married a dairy farmer boy! LOL

five friends, take one or all three of these awards if you please!

now i could go on and on with the awards
it is so terribly hard to choose blogs
i want you to know that i admire and am so inspired
each and every day by so many blogs
and feel like i have made some great friends
please know this is hard for me to choose.

with that i will just sign off by saying;

have an awesome day 
may you remember
that by giving someone
one of your smiles today
it might be the only good and happy gift
they receive all day!



Adriana Iris said...

Congrats on all of your awards.

EmptyNester said...

Congrats on all three awards! You most certainly are deserving!

TexaGermaNadian said...

Congrats on all your great awards :)
So, did you marry a farmer boy, or a stinkin' farmer boy!?! Too cute!

Ada said...

Awww thanks so much for thinking of me. Congrats on all those awards lady. Well deserved indeed!

Anonymous said...

MANY, Many CONGRATS!!! Well deserved indeed!!

Thisisme. said...

Congratulations on THREE awards. My favourite is I Love this Blog AwArd. I haven't seen that one before .

Bethe77 said...

Congrats Melody Mae! Thrre awards how Awesome! Well deserved and earned

Hanna said...

Thank you so much for nominating me! I am so honored that you would think of me. I am terrible at accepting these properly but I am rally grateful that you awarded me:)

Katie @ Chicken Noodle Gravy said...

Yay! Congratulations, friend :) You deserve them!

Priscila Peters said...

It's fun to know a little more about you.
Congrats on your awards.

Heather said...

Thank you for the awards! Wow, they really made my day. I can't wait to post them. I tried to leave a comment when you first gave them out but my google password got all messed up and I wasn't able to post it so know that I read them and humbly accept such precious gifts. xoxoxo~hugs