Tuesday, March 8, 2011

a visit over coffee


today if we were to meet for coffee
i would probably come to the coffee shop
and need to vent over a nice hot steaming latte'
maybe even a  grande mocha today, with whip! ;)

we changed our insurance as of january 1...
my hubs going with a lessor deductible
than my youngest daughter and i
oh my goodness, what a headache it has been
i went to pick up my prescription today
and they said i wasn't covered and it was going
to cost over $300.00...i walked out without my prescription!
i need this drug, i have been on it since finishing chemo and
will be on it probably for the rest of my life and lets just say
i cannot afford to pay $300 each month, that is just ridiculous!
so if i met you today
i would be a bit grumpy and complaining about healthcare and what
a huge mess all of this has been

sitting and visiting with you would be
such  a TREAT for me
curled up on a couch at my favorite coffee shop
i would be able to share my ups & downs with you
the good and the bad...the things that make me smile...cry
and if you wanted, you would be able to share the same with me

i would ask you how your week has been
what is going on in your life...
i would try to be a good listener, sometimes i find this hard
and i am working on it!

have you been shopping lately?
bought anything fun?
i went thrifting the other day and
found a couple cute little tops...
still trying to phych myself up for the 30 for 30 remix
i know this is something i NEED to do (not shop)

so you pledge to pick 30 things from your closet
and remix these 30 things for 30 days...and you cannot shop
except 'shop your closet'
your shoes count in the 30 things but, coats and accessories do not...
i am thinking of starting next week...oh my!
maybe i need to shop this weekend before i commit! LOL

so what else would we talk about over coffee?
do you have things weighing heavy on your mind?
we have had some losses in our community and
i know that some of you in blog land are having a
hard time right now too
so i would probably offer to pray for you if that
was something you were comfortable with...

venting about the the stuff that bothers us, visiting & just talking...drinking coffee, even praying about our concerns...maybe a quick visit to the local thrift store? :) :) ya know, one last shopping trip?
now that sounds like a very wonderful coffee date to me!

what would you order if we met today for coffee?
would you have things to vent about, talk about...pray about?
i know one thing for sure, i would be ever so thankful
to meet you over coffee...
and would leave so refreshed that i could take on most anything life
through at me, how about you?
oh yeah it is coffee time!

be blessed-life is great-you are loved!


Jill from Killeny Glen said...

We too just did this same insurance-type plan. STICKER SHOCK is an understatement when I went to the pharmacy as well. OUCH!

Hmmmm, this 30 for 30 is intriguing...I am wondering about it...sounds like something that would be a WISE thing for me to do too!

Thoughts for the day said...

I used to work in a pharmacy and I know the prices are sometimes over board. It is a terrible thing when people have to choose, eat or take medications. So unfair. I wish we could sit and have coffee together I haven't done that in so long not sure if my dull mind could think of what to talk about. Blessings to you...from a reader and grandma of six in Oregon

{Amy} said...

oh, insurance companies and policies make me beyond mad..i could really talk about that with you for a while! i am sorry you re dealing with that and hope it all works out! i would love to meet all fo my online friend sin real life for REAL coffee! how fun would that be anyway? thans so much for coffee!

~Rosanne said...

That 30 for 30 sounds interesting. I should definatly try it 'cause I find so many things at thrift stores to wear but they can get lost in my closet sometimes.

And I'm not picky about coffee but I got to have flavored creamer.

Deanna said...

Dear Friend, I would order a hot white chocolate mocha! and wait for it to cool off a bit before sipping on it...this would allow us more time to chat.

And chat we would...I'd listen to you vent because you'd need to vent. wowza $300.

I just said a prayer that God would make a way for you to receive this medicine that you need.

God bless and I enjoyed our visit!

LindyLouMac said...

Oh boy all I can say is that I am grateful we do not have such problems with health care here in Europe.

Rachel said...

mmm latte sounds good on this rainy day - or chai tea latte, my favorite! Coffee and a thrift trip sounds like the perfect combo to me!

Ms. Blasé said...

I'm sorry about the insurance snafu you're going through right now. I pray that it's resolved very soon so that you AND your pocketbook can rest easy. Personally, I was never good at figuring out all that HMO, PPO and deductible stuff. If I were the drinking type, I'd need something a heck of a lot stronger than coffee after dealing with that ;)

Misty said...

Insurance sucks so much. All of it. And with FSA's no longer covering so many things I feel like we are just screwed anyway. *sigh*

but this post was sweet, and cute. i loved it. Maybe that's cuz i'm dying for a coffee date. hmm.

Dawn said...

sounds like we would enjoy each other's company over coffee!! laughing, crying? right up my alley :) your 30/30 remix sounds fascinating! wow. it would make life easier, i think. fewer piles of clothes that i don't know what to do with!!

as i was reading along, i was peeking at your "getting to know me." 2 time survivor? i think that is amazing. my insides cringe at how strong you had to be... and your husband, too. i watch my friend ann's husband watch her... being right there for anything she needs. a whole next love-story layer, though not one you would choose. AND dairy farmers? my girlfriend's daughter (she's a junior!) has her heart set on being a dairy farmer. it just makes me smile :)

so glad to have found your little corner of the world here... i'd order up a chai tea and sit and chat forever!!

Ada said...

White chocolate mocha for me (with whip . . . of course!) and then some venting about insurance, for sure! 30/30 remix sounds very intriguing. Thanks for a fun coffee date!

Debbie Dillon said...

Oh, my sweet friend, I LOVE having coffee with you {{{hugs}}}
I'm so sorry about your insurance situation - give that one to God. He's waiting to receive it from you :) Other than that, I hope you're doing well. Thank you for speaking to my heart with your sweet post. Be blessed today and every day!

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Well, I've sure been enjoying getting to know you through reading your blog tonight. (I REALLY need to go to bed, though.)

If we were to meet for coffee, I would get a white chocolate raspberry mocha with whipped cream. We probably like the same comfy chairs at the same comfy coffee shop. I LOVE our wonderful hometown coffee shops.

We would probably share our stories ... and share some tears ... before sharing a time of prayer.

Yes. I think that's what we would do if we were to meet for coffee.

Laurel :)