Wednesday, March 16, 2011

on this weds.

i can barely stand to
watch the news anymore
nothing but heart, gut wrenching
images everywhere you turn
all i can do is
lift my eyes
sending my prayers
to the One who can
above all else
be there for the hurting and helpless
and comfort them during their time
of need
on a lighter fun note?!?
i am preparing myself
for my 30 for 30 remix!
i have everything layed out and counted
once, twice...three times!

i know i can do this
when we went to europe
last summer we decided to do
carry-on only
because we were going from
country to country
via planes & fast trains

so for three weeks i lived
out of one suitcase
i know i can do this 30 for 30

i have the rest of my closet pushed to the far side
tied a ribbon on the end so i
know where my border is ;)

i will be beginning
this sunday, march 20
the 30 days will end on
april 18th!

here is my list of clothes
i have picked out;

5 pair of shoes/boots (this was very hard for me to pick!)
3 dresses
2 skirts
3 jeans; 1 pair skinny, 1 pair straight leg & 1 pair bootcut in grey
5 cardigans of various length and colors!
2 peasant tops
3 button up blouses
7 long sleeved t-shirts

that is it!
i chose not to count my various leggings because
i wear them as tights underneath by dresses and skirts
NEVER like a pair of pants.;)
i will be changing things up and accessorizing with my
numerous & amazing scarf collection! thank goodness for them!

i also did not count any coat as kendi says: if you would not wear it alone...don't count it!
also i wear a tank or cami over my bra is part of my 'under garment' so i will not count them as well...

wish me luck...
taking the pictures of myself might
prove to be the most challenging...
well and the NOT shopping may prove
to be the end of me! (this is why i NEED to take this challenge!) :)

there is still time to join me here this coming sunday!


Ms. Blasé said...

I find this 30 for 30 idea quite amusing!... and that's probably because, if I entered, I'd beat everyone :D

I have the type of job where I'm allowed to wear sneakers, jeans and a random top everyday. During the winter, I wear jeans and one of about 6 sweaters. During the summer, I wear jeans and one of about 10 shirts. All of my dress-up clothes are reserved for Sunday.

So, don't worry, I won't enter the challenge... although I'm mighty tempted! Bwahahahahahaha! (That was "evil" laughter, by the way.)

melody-mae said...

haha, you should totally do it and keep me company! :)

Shawn Becker said...

Sounds like fun..I can not wait to see your pictures!
Have a great day tomorrow,

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

Love, love, love this! "Being" on my blog more was my only resolution this year. :)

I'll have another (wrinkled, freckled, graying) pic of me up on Sunday in my Scavenger Hunt. (That prompt was "imperfection".)

Ms. Blasé said...

Congrats on your win at FTLOB!!!!

Ashley said...

Saw you on FTLOB and I'm glad I did! I love your blog here and your family is adorable! Jack is super cute and you're a cute Grandma! :)

b. lee said...

ur so cute! can't wait to see pics of ur outfit variations * would love to see pics of Europe ~ how romantic * *

Robyn Burke said...

You can do it! Rah! Rah! Rah! Hee hee, so I went shopping today-- which is the first time since you and I were shopping together. And I think I could do a 30-30 too!