Wednesday, February 9, 2011

oh, Hello there Wednesday!

Hello Wednesday
you are here and half-way over already
today was a Granny/Gramps day
so J-man was here to play...that is always a fun day
when one of the boys comes to play! :)

I took advantage of some 'me' time
while Mark was playing with 'the boy'
and painted some poster board
you see yesterday I was at Lowes
dreaming of paint colors
I bought three samples of varying whites...
Valspar: Soft Silk, Sugarcane Pink & Fragile Blue
Suzanne from Privet and Holly said she was going to paint some
foam poster board and I was too cheap and bought just regular poster board
which was not that great, it curled as it dried...but still I was able to get
an idea of how the light will hit these paint samples in the two rooms I am
thinking of painting...great idea, so thanks to Suzanne!
So I painted it and I am pretty sure I already know
which one I like the best, the pictures I took do not show it as well as in person...
but, I really like the 'fragile blue' it is a grey, blue...oh so lovely.
Although I want to see it in different lights...I do like that Sugarcane Pink...oh boy this might be harder than I thought! :)
In this first picture it is: Sugarcane Pink, then Soft Silk and far right is Fragile Blue
the dark paneled room is our back entry way and it moves right into our family I want both to be painted the same! Time to get rid of that dark entry!!! Yay!

I thought I would like the Soft Silk but it looks purple/lavender in here...ugh!!! I do like the Sugarcane Pink, it is more of a creamy sugar cookie color but, really my first instinct is the fragile blue...soft cloudy blue, in some places almost looks more grey...oh so soothing.
Now I have to actually make myself think about taking everything off the walls, and going out and buying paint and going for it! I will keep you updated. I am not sure how soon I will get to it...but at least I am on the right track! A perfect cure for the gloomy days while I wait for SPRING! :)

Have you done anything new in the painting scene lately? What colors do you lean towards? I am trying to break out of my red,green and yellows...and lean towards some lighter about you? Of course my hubbie said, "I like the green in the family room, it is perfect the way it is, why do you want to change?" ugh...

happy rest of your Wednesday!



Deanna said...

This is a great way to try out paint samples!
I have a lot of painting to do and I will have to remember this poster board help.

May you have a super valentine's day,

Shawn Becker said...

The fragile blue sound pretty. I have greens, gold and red but would chain if we needed to paint. My bedroom has a cocoa accent wall but I want to paint the other walls in the same color.

kelly said...

I am partial to the blue/gray. Right now we have a lot of neutral beige and gold tones in the main living areas. These rooms are all open to each other so they need to coordinate, but my office is different with a lavender gray shade with black accents. My favorite room!

Jill said...

Oh, that will certainly lighten up the room! I think it will be downright REFRESHING!

Robyn Burke said...

sister of my heart, both writing about our Wednesdays. :)
did you know i love to paint? i do have these funky old shoulders that grieve me when i am not careful, but still, i love to paint. it's such instant gratification to roll that fresh paint across the surface and see the room take on the new persona! love it!
i start thinking about new paint round this time every year but this year the hubs has plans for tearing out a wall and putting down new carpet so won't be tackling new paint till that project's out of the way... so if you need a painting buddy just give me a shout!

Priscila Peters said...

Painting is fun... I love it. I like that Fragile Blue.

Monica said...

I say the "Fragile Blue." I love to decorate, paint, and anything elsse when it comes to changing around my house. The room will become so refreshing, clear for thoughts, and have an extremely happy/ clean slate feeling when you walk in. Sticking with a neutral color underneith the white will allow other natural colors to pop out, brown, tan, grey, blue, everything in nature! Happy painting!

Mrs. I {Heart} Hicks said...

I'm really loving soft greys/yellows and more muted colors. I just moved and I've been blogging about our painting too! My old house was more into the brown/khaki phase and this house I'm trying to go more with the flow & trendy. I'd love to see the finish product when you're done! Good luck!