Monday, January 10, 2011

monday, monday!

so here it is another monday
when you have had a relaxing weekend
monday's seem to jump out at you
screaming... here it is again

 I welcome another monday with open arms
thankful for another day, thankful for my blessings
but deep,deep in my heart there is an ache today
for my dear friend Wilma and her sweet family
her little  2 1/2 year old grandson really he is a grandBABY... has been battling brain cancer
they have flown to phoenix for proton therapy
been to seattle for chemo,he has had surgery, more treatments...and on friday the mri
showed the tumor had doubled in size, plus there are spots on his spine
his parents have decided that after a year of surgeries and treatments
the chemo isn't working and they will no longer submit him to them
hospice is being called....
my heart breaks...shatters into little pieces for this young family...and for my friend as she watches and feels helpless
they are praying, oh yes, do not get me wrong this whole family and our community is in prayer for the sweet family. we are not giving up, by no means are we giving up. my mantra when i was diagnosed was: there is always hope!
i believe in the power of prayer, i truly do...and so i lift up my prayers today...for peace and comfort...that the whole family be surrounded in love, that they would feel the arms of Jesus comforting them.
i would love it if you my friends, would also lift up the family.
 the little boy's name is: Cash...thank you.

i am posting some happy photos!
if there is one thing i can learn from all of this...
there is not a day that goes by that i am not thankful for my family!!!
these were taken over christmas break, ones that bring a smile to my face everytime i see them.

 gramps and jack...getting ready to hand out the gifts on christmas day
our little lane is sitting up!
 jack helped auntie tessa roll out dough for gingerbread men and ginger-dinosaurs! ( i think the tongue shows how much he was concentrating!)
these eyes... make this granny's heart melt!

may you have a blessed monday. go. now. hug your loved ones.



EmptyNester said...

Sending up heartfelt prayers.

Love the tongue sticking out! Precious.

Thoughts for the day said...

oh wow. Will pray for wisdom for this family for God to press into the situation and keep them close and in peace and I also am praying for the precious little one who is dealing with all this. Decisions of the adults are not easy but mercy sometimes calls us to let go and know that HE was a gift on loan and when angels call him home He will be lifted in the most gentlest way to a place of comfort. (I also believe in healing I am not giving up just releasing)from a grandma of six in Oregon (my heart is hurting for this situation)

Betsy said...

Awww..praying for that little Cash. Nothing is too hard for God.

Janet Ellis said...

Oh Melodie-Mae, I also have grandbabies in this age range and my heart goes out to this little one, his family and all of you who are supporting them. May God hold their hope in the palm of His hand and pour out His grace and mercy and light the way as they walk this dark road. ~ Blessings, Janet

Tricia said...

Cancer is such an evil force, but can not take everything from us. I would like to share a poem that my friend Michele shared when her brother, Will was diagnosed with gastric cancer and now wears on a bracelet on her wrist in memorium.

Given your own experience, you have probably heard it yourself, but here it is.

What Cancer Can Not Do

Cancer is so limited...
It cannot cripple love.
It cannot shatter hope.
It cannot corrode faith.
It cannot eat away peace.
It cannot destroy confidence.
It cannot kill friendship.
It cannot shut out memories.
It cannot silence courage.
It cannot reduce eternal life.
It cannot quench the Spirit.
~author unknown

My prayers are with this dear family, and with sweet Cash. There is no greater loss than that of a child. My heart goes out to them. Thank you for sharing this today, Melody.


Frenchy said...

Poor family ! This is so hard...
Love all your pictures :)
Thank you for the reminder today...I have my family.
Hugs and have a super day.