Wednesday, January 5, 2011

being Joyful

this photo is of me with my brothers...yes a very long time ago
 I was reminded the other night of this one particular thing...
all of us, every single one of us has a 'story'
something that that has either molded us into who we've become
or something we have went through or are currently going through
I also know, there is always someone who has it worse than you
no matter what you are going through at this time
someone else is out there struggling, barely making it
trying to surface, stay above those waves and trying to stay afloat.
I do not know what your are going through
or what you have went through-
I truly wish you happiness and that you would know peace...find joy

when I think of my childhood...
we moved a lot, I got to a point where I no longer wanted to make friends
because we would just move again & although this part
was hard, we drew close as a family because of it
I had a happy childhood...
there was never a day I did not feel loved...

i think of being diagnosed with cancer when my daughters
were still so young and how I was determined to
just  be here and watch them grow-up
or when I lossed dear, loved ones...
even when I was re-diagnosed again with cancer
I still knew my family and my life were worth going
through those treatments again
life was worth it and so I 'grinned and beared it'
that those times were hard, is an understatement...

we all have good and bad that have happened to us
I was never more aware of this than the other night...
you see I met with a few women from our church.
women I do not truly know ,outside of church
I see them on Sunday and just smile, say hi and continue on...
so the other night we met for coffee, we went around the table introducing ourselves
and saying something about ourselves that we knew the others did not know.
I tell ya, I led a boring life...for sure. when I heard some of what they had went through while growing up....
alcoholism, parent attempting to murder the other parent...I left there thinking:
Wow...I had no idea they had went through this...and was reminded that no matter how dark it is for me
no matter what my trial & tribulation...
there is someone out there who is barely treading water...trying not to drown in it all
someone who needs a friend

I will try to make an effort in my life
to not only be thankful for all the good I have been given
(my glass is half-FULL never half-empty)
but, also not to dwell on any sadness & loss that has come my way
I will try to reach out to others
to see beyond the shallow hello's and be there for them

Joyful...yes I am truly joyful
I am healthy, happy & content
I count myself lucky.

may I shine my light
may I be the wife, mom, granny, daughter, sister and friend
that God intended me to be...
and may I shine my light.
may I be shiny!!

do you ever feel that others have it better or worse than you?
what would you do to reach out to others and shine your light?
what do you do to count your blessings? or do you?


Alida said...

I also moved a lot as a child... my dad was in the Air Force. My mother was always so happy and excited with each move that as adult when I made our first big move from one state to another I thought Yay! I soon found out it was not all Yay!.

Thanks for this post... my aim is to live a joyful year giving thanks for all that is brought my way. So yeah, I will be counting my blessings.

Deanna said...

Enjoyed your post! Sweet sweet picture of you with the boys. Precious picture captured your past days.

I continue to rejoice about the goodness of God and that I am not in this life alone. I have had to learn the hard way. I FORGOT I wasn't alone...ever...God is with me and I need to remind myself of this even as an old lady!

God bless you.
d from homehaven

Robyn Burke said...

Life is precious~~treasure every moment! Love you girlfriend!!

Ana Paula from Get Craftin {crafts and a little fashion} said...

Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog!! Yours is adorable!!

Tricia said...

Hello Melody. "may I be shiny!!". Amen to that! Seeing so much sadness around me lately has led me to this; I am to live intentionally. Each day should matter. There may not be a tomorrow. The ones I love need to KNOW it. They need to know it because I show them in word and in deed.
I hope that your new year is off to a beautiful start. This post is a lovely way to start mine.


Privet and Holly said...

Sweet Melody, thank
you for sharing bits
of your story...your
journey....I hope all
of your scans are now
clear and that you can
continue to embrace life
in this joyful way. I
also moved all my childhood
life, although I was lucky
to finish the same high
school that I started. It
was hard, but in the end,
it made me stronger and able
to make new friends where ever
life takes me : ) Thank you for
shining your light.
Happy Friday!
xx Suzanne

Privet and Holly said...

PS: That picture of
you with your brothers
is simply adorable : ) said...

Melody-Mae I am honoured and delighted to have met you. Thank you for coming by my blog but really it is me who should be thanking you for this wonderful post.
It is true to say that there are so many people who are worse off than onself..I have lived a very fortunate life indeed in comparison to others. I have two friends who have both survived cancer and they, like you, make me feel quite humble. You are all so strong and I can only hope that you never have to go through treatment again. (My friends haven't)
I am your latest follower and admirer.
My small contribution to 'making life shiny' is my blog which I hope brings a smile to people's faces. I am generally a happy person - I won't bore you with the reasons as to why I decided to live each day fully but I try to, and laugh at life as much as I can. Hopefully that can be shared too.
Really pleased to have met you.
Warmest wishes

Velvet Over Steel said...

What an amazing & needed post, Melody!! That you so much for writing it!!! I feel the same way!!

Also, I too had cancer when my boys were young. I would say that I was 'lucky' to have had it caught 'just in time'... but I know that it was a miracle.. a grace from God! I have do doubt about that!

Take care my friend! Please update me on your cousin & her children sometime. I will continue to pray!!!

Hugs & Much Love,