Friday, December 3, 2010!

On this friday, I am just happy
I try to always, always look at my glass half full!
Life is such a beautiful gift but we are only as happy
as we decide to be
you see ever since my cancer journey, I try to always be happy...
for my life and what I have been given.

There are too many wonderful things in my life ...
how could I not look at things and just smile and be happy!
today is one of those days where I can choose how I react...

'the boy' (grandson) arrived at 7am
the first thing he sees is a bag of pretzels, he says, "pretzel"
so I give him the bag (this granny's mistake) and he is smiling and
eating them 'one at a time' like a good granny tells him to
he then asks me, "milk pease"
I walk into the kitchen to get his sippy cup
 and walk into the room, only 1 minute later and here is what I find!
I had to stop myself from laughing out loud!
I choose today to live, laugh & love
I could have been upset
and to tell you the truth when his mommy and aunties were small,
I most likely would have reacted VERY differently...
but today all I could do was smile when he said, "help clean"

my hope is that my family and friends will know today in some small way how much they are loved
I hope my actions will speak loud & clear today!
and you, may you have a blessed friday...there are blessings around, just remember to look! Yay for fridays!!!


Ellen Marie "Mama" Pike said...

It is amazing how fun grandchildren are! I have had many of those moments with my five grandchildren who are adorable and unpredictable.

Kate said...

i can tell you make everyone you know feel loved ;)

have a beautiful weekend!!


Robyn Burke said...

you are such a good granny. and who could ever get anything on their face but a smile when we're talking about Jackson! :)