Thursday, December 2, 2010

and these i love

enjoying the simple things

sunshine through my window
quiet mornings with a cup of coffee
freshly vacuumed carpet
christmas decorations & music
the smell of pine needles
reading a book
evenings at home with my husband
smiles & hugs
overnight trips
going for walks
visiting with my family
coffee dates
and so much, much more...

but, these i love

my husband's smile & warm loving eyes
a not quite 2 yr old grandson who has started calling me "Ga-anny"
getting to play and interact with my 4 month old grandson
witnessing my husband be the best and most loving 'Gramps' to our 2 sweet grandsons
3 daughters who make life sweeter each and every day
listening to my girls laugh and be friends
a God who loves me
those real true friends
each and every day because life is just beautiful
and i am happy and content
yes it is a wonderful life!

may you look and find some blessings today

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