Thursday, November 11, 2010

11th day of thanks

Happy Veteran's Day

Today I am thankful for
the flag and what it represents
for freedom fought for me
for my Dad and others
who wore a uniform and fought
to keep us safe and free

I am thankful for my friends
for coffee dates with my
lovely friend, Robyn B...
oh how wonderful

I am thankful today that
I was given my first blogger award
and not once but twice from
two different 'blog friends' Shawn at:
and Empty Nester at :
thank you both so very much.
I am truly humbled!

Rules for accepting this award are:

1. Thank & link back to the person who awarded you this.

2. Share 7 things about yourself.

3. Pay it forward to 15 recently discovered great bloggers.

so here we go...7 things? Really...okay...

1. I moved every year of my life until I was in 6th grade.
one year I went to 3 different schools!
2. I HATE being cold!
3. I love clothes, fashion, hair trends and decorating my home.
4. Love to bake not so much cook but, baking is another story...
5. Books are my best friend
6. I have a love/hate relationship with the holidays...pressure and stress
 takes some of the joy away when it should be: Jesus the reason, for the season.
7. I am a C... I am a CH,  I am a CHRISTIAN! :)

now that wasn't too comes hard stuff...pick 15 blogs? Oh my...
in no particular order...
Deb at:
Jill at:
Tricia at:
Lorie at:
Java at:
Dina at:
amanda at:
Betsy at:
Traci Michelle at:
Natasha at:
Dana at:


Shawn Becker said...

Great answers and I especially like #7!! AMEN!!!!!!


Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

You are so sweet! I'm not the best with awards, but I really do appreciate being chosen. And, I am so happy to learn a little more about you!

Deb said...

You are so very precious....thank you so, so much!!!

Natasha said...

Congratulations on your well-deserved award. You are indeed a Stylish Blogger!

You are such a sweetie honouring me with this award...on my birthday too! What a great birthday present-thank you!

Thanks for telling us a little more about yourself-Stay warm!

Best wishes,

amanda {the habit of being} said...

you are indeed a stylish blogger :) loved reading more about you too!

i must say, i'd much rather be cold than hot but books, baking and all that jazz are right up my alley!

Betsy said...

Well, first of all...congratulations to you for your award! You certainly deserve it! And thank you for passing it along to me! I don't usually participate but I gladly and humbly accept it from you, dear! :) Thanks you so very much!

Jill said...

OH! I am honored and am so glad I stumbled upon YOUR most certainly deserve the award!
Your nomination made MY day!!!!

Thank you!

Java said...

Thank you so much! I am truly honored!

Congrats on winning it yourself!

Have an awesome weekend!!

Dana @ Bungalow'56 said...

Thank you Melody Mae,
I am always a little surprised and happy to know people other than family and friends come to read my silliness. I hope to continue blogging in a way that will honour this kind award. I have taken your breast cancer "click a day badge" with me. My sister in law is a survivor for four years now. I am so glad I found it. What great inspiration you are!
Thank you,
Dana from Bungalow'56

Tricia said...

Hi Melody.
Please forgive me for taking so long to thank you for this. Thank you so much for thinking of me, and for always being so sweet.