Monday, August 2, 2010

be blessed!

Birch Bay, WA

Auntie Tessa (BEANS) taking Jack for a walk

"Hi beebee!"

It was such a wonderful week and weekend, spent with those I love.
May I never forget how blessed I am! To live each day in happiness and contentment. To remember to give thanks to the One who I have received so many wonderful things!

I post these pictures mainly for myself. A place to put my thoughts & photos... and when things get a bit crazy, when it has been one of the days, weeks, months or years...and trials & storms come, and we know they will... I will be able to sit and reminisce on the wonderful gifts I have been given!

I am blessed. thankful. content.
Life. is. beautiful.


Deanna said...

Dear Melody Mae, I think you have a great attitude!

Blogging is such fun and I have sure enjoyed this media.

God bless,

Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

your so right melody! life is beautiful and we have so much to feel blessed for.

p.s. those bitty boys are cute!!

Farmgirl Paints said...

Life is beautiful! Great pics. So glad you had a great time:)

Cecily said...

Hi Melody! Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog! I'd love to see how your journals turned out - I bet they're pretty - you should post them!

theoldboathouse said...

Dear Melody, love the pics! Have you thought about doing a gratefulnees blog I think it is something you would is a daily project and each day you blog about something you are grateful is very meditative..just an idea, cheers Katherine

Betsy said...

What a lovely little post! I love your attitude..we know that darker days will just have to store up some sunshine in advance! :) Those little guys are adorable!