Saturday, July 31, 2010

wonderful. life.

Louis Armstrong - What a wonderful world

o0MiSs WaiKiKi0o | MySpace Video

how wonderful life is...I am thankful for each and every day!

linking to Sunday Song here!

may you be blessed-


mya said...

It may not be, but this song could be Mr. Armstrong's signature piece. He sang all kinds of tunes but this one crosses all preferences.
I read a few of your older posts and the words your daughter texted(is that a word - looks strange in print?) to you, "I learned it from you," are some of the most wonderful words a child can say, and then I thought of the children that would not be passing on a compliment to there mother with those words. So many kids grow up in households unlike yours. Your kids have much to be grateful for. You are both blessed.

Traci Michele said...

How can you not love that song! Beautiful life you have, thanks for sharing!