Saturday, June 19, 2010

This Father's Day

Yesterday I had to run errands around town. I was running a bit behind and so as I ran out the door I filled my travel coffee mug, but didn't put the lid on it...and put it in my cup holder.
My first stop on the list of errands was the library to pick up a few holds and drop off some stuff. I ran in and was only in the the library for a few I came back to the car and bent to open my door...a scent hit me and I was reminded of my Dad. You see my dad carried a cup of coffee wherever he went...this was in the days before travel coffee cups and he had a 'harvest gold' tupperware tumbler that was never empty...his truck always had the scent of coffee, partly from his open tumbler filled with coffee and probably most likely lots of coffee that had spilled in the past! So yesterday, as I opened my car...the scent of coffee hit me and it was weird, I make and drink coffee everyday and never has the scent ever done this but I think it was the open cup in the car... because my car had that smell of coffee and I was transported back in time. A time when Dad was here with me. I could hear his voice and see his smiling face and see him with the harvest gold tumbler in his hand as he walked those long, slow strides of his.
I have heard that the sense of smell is powerful and can conjure up memories but it has never happened to me, before yesterday.
On this Father's Day I am so thankful for the wonderful man I am married to and what an amazing Father and Gramps he is...but I will also set aside some time to think about my Dad, it has been 20 years now since his death...I miss him very much and I know he would have loved to watch my girls grow up into the wonderful women they have become... with every special occasion over the past 20 years... graduations, weddings and grandbabies...I think about Dad and how proud and happy he would be.
I know I will see him again someday and what a wonderful reunion it will be, until then...Happy Father's day, Dad!


Beach Vintage said...

What a sweet post.

Sarah loves it all said...

Cute blog! Thanks so much for coming to visit me! I look forward to reading more!

Dana @ Bungalow'56 said...

What a wonderful Father's Day post. I love scent memories. He sounded like a great guy. I am so fortunate to have my dad with me here today.
Take care,