Saturday, June 5, 2010

on my knees

Just when you think you can take a breath...
My best friend, other than my best 'girl' friend is hurting today.
I feel hopeless. She called yesterday to tell me her beautiful, sweet daughter who is only 27 years old...
just received the news...Breast Cancer.
I was speechless. So young. What do you say to that?
I know you have her in your hands Lord and you have a plan.
I am on my knees.
Wrap this whole family in your love give them the peace that only You can bring.

Tomorrow very early in the morning, I will be walking a 5k- Race for the Cure in Seattle, with my three daughters. Tomorrow as I walk the race, I will not only be celebrating my survivor-ship but walking with a new reason...this young beautiful woman.
Jer. 29:11


Robyn Burke said...

making a promise as your prayer warrior, I offer you the hope that comes through fervent prayer. God is in control. Always, always in control.

Beach Vintage said...

You cant say anything to that. As she is so young and hopefully they have got it early enough she will be OK. Thinking of the family. xx

Cupcake Couture said...

Oh gosh* - yes what can you say. Your post bought tears to my eyes as I am turning 26 this year and imagining if I had such a huge battle to face! Trust is all we have fuelled by hope! You will surely be an inspiration to her. xxx