Friday, May 14, 2010


my daughter and son-in-law are on a mini vacation to see a friend get married in Nashville. the joy of this is my husband and I get to have our grandson for the entire time, thursday-sunday...this is the stuff memories are made of!!!
so already yesterday we had a great day outside on our dairy. he just loves being outside, riding with his gramps on the RTV...I let him walk wherever his little legs would take him...he found rocks, sticks, checked out the calves, and watched the tractor load feed, for the cows. then we wandered out to see the horse. I am lucky enough that my brother lives right next store to me and he has chickens and a loud rooster...we had to go visit these too!
today we went for a visit to the library as far as I know this was his first visit! he loved all the books and toys!
we plan to play at the park and go a walk later after naptime, we need to take advantage of our gorgeous's to making those memories!

Jack reached up for my hand as we walked outside to see the cows. My heart felt as if it had just burst, it overflowed with the love I felt for this little guy and then just melted right then and there.

He went all over the farm, carrying that stick.

He loves to jump. what a 'jumping jack'

after visiting the library, his bag was full of books and dvd's!

checking out the cows on his granny and gramps dairy farm what more can a little boy want?

may your weekend be blessed.


Robyn Burke said...

sweeeeeeet!! being a grandma is something so special. but oh my, how it makes me miss my kiddos!! I have got to make a visit to Florida soon or I am just going to burst.
I saved some of our Macedonian coins from the trip and Bruce is going to drill a hole in them so I can put them on a leather cord as a necklace for them from grandma and grandpa. but it won't be the same as being there with them. sniff sniff.:)

Vintage Junky said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have to say it... you are adorable and so is your grandson...I have a soft spot for Jacks ;) Listening to you talk about him reminds me of how my mom feels about my little guy, so sweet.
I hope you have a great weekend!