Friday, May 21, 2010

a cash of hope

a very sweet and dear friend of mine has an 18 month old grandson with an inoperable brain tumor and it has been quite the ride for this family...tonight I will go to a benefit dinner/auction to help with some of the costs. The daddy and son are now in Houston, TX so the little one can receive his treatments. The Mommy just gave birth to their third son and her and the new one are at home in Seattle, Wa...I cannot imagine the fear, anxiety and heartache this whole family are going through right now. Through it ALL their faith has held them together and it is awe inspiring to watch them cling to Jesus even in these hard times.
Psalm 66:5 Come and see what God has done, the amazing things he has done for people.

I have had cancer 2 times and as hard as it was on me and my family I cannot begin to imagine what it would be like to have my child or grandchild go through this.
We live in a small community, North of Seattle and sometimes it is NOT fun to live in such a tiny community where everyone knows you and what you are doing, where sometimes they gossip...but then something like this will rock the community and they come together... and it is amazing to witness! Tonight's event sold 650 tickets, they are sold out...they turned people away. People have donated amazing trips, sports memorabilia and services to be auctioned is with a grateful heart I will attend tonight, knowing that I was prayed for and loved by this community and now I have the honor to do so for my friend and her family, Want to read more about young Cash? His daddy has started this blog...

hug your loved ones today. be thankful. live. love. laugh.

have a blessed weekend-


wilma said...

Wow Mel!!!!!!! Well said, but my dearest friend, I have learned alot alot alot from you. I love you, great seeing you and everyone there last night. Thanks for constant support and prayers. Wilma

Melanie said...

My son, Andrew, had an "inoperable" brain tumor but then he had a life saving surgery (4 in less than 4 months). He was diagnosed August '09 and went to Heaven Dec. 15, 2009. I HATE CANCER. My son was 12.