Monday, April 19, 2010


Life is too short
to worry about things
we have done in the past
or things we still want to do in the future

In my dreams
everyone I love is
happy and content
but it is only a dream
for now...

someday though
we will run and not grow tired
there will be no more tears or sorrow
until then

Life is too short to worry
and fret over the small stuff
Be happy
be content
Shine your light
you never know when
your smile might brighten
someone's day

You do not need to go out into
the world to make a difference
Reach out today
not everyone feels that call
to go
some can share and show love
in the everyday things
in those random acts...

Life is just too short
No regrets
Content with where I am now
with my life and my choices
Finding happiness in the small stuff
Smile and pass it on