Thursday, August 18, 2016


marches on
it does not stop
it is a continual forward motion

keeps spinning
each day a new day
always going
never ceasing

no matter how hard
we try to hold on
time does not stand still

our only choice
is to accept.

we can store up
the memories
of time well spent
with loved ones
holding on tightly
to the memories
but, alas we cannot make time
stand still.

so, I choose to
to soak up the
precious treasures
of family time.

boys playing with sticks, riding tractors,
parades, hiking, basketball, parks,
running, playing at the beach, laughter,
picking blackberries, quad & zoom rides,
cows, helping gramps in the field,
dairy queen blizzards, movie nights,
campfires, skipping rocks, hay forts, giggles
and of course the fights. ;)
sleeping under the stars
pancakes and pop tarts

oh, it was busy.
it was loud
it was crazy
but, it was the best.

pictures and sweet memories
I hold them ever so
tightly and ever so closely
to my heart.

because I know
oh, yes I am sure...
that time does not stand still
and these days and memories
are the sweetest of treasures.

(all photos belong to melody-mae do not borrow!)



Empty Nester said...

Well done! I had that time issue a couple of weekends ago when everyone was home at the same time. I stored up the memories too. It was over in a flash. Love the pictures too!

Melody Olson said...

Thank you Pam! It was fun while it lasted. The house is quiet and everyone is back to their homes/lives....but, it sure was a ton of fun, while it lasted!

Linda said...

Beautiful poetry and even more beautiful memories - caught and preserved!
You are so right. We must treasure NOW!!

Melody Olson said...

Thank you so much for the kind words, Linda. They mean a lot to me!