Thursday, April 28, 2016



count your blessings
name them one by one...

blessings are new each morning
did you take the time to notice?

they are there

 whether you are
young child 
a teen trying to fit into the world
a struggling college student 
a married couple
a frazzled mama trying to
do it ALL
someone with some 
years and experience 
behind them!

Blessings are there

are there

surrounds us
each and every day
if you take the time to notice:

snow-tipped mountains
green grass
sunshine bursting through the windows
giggles from a small child
brightly colored flowers
a cat curling contently on your lap
a stack of books waiting to be read
birds soaring and singing happily
scenic road trips
impromptu coffee dates
long walks down country roads
trees all a bloom
a favorite song on the radio
clean sheets on your bed
smiling faces
strolling through a garden
the happy sound of children's laughter
going for a run
or simply
holding hands

oh, yes
the blessings are there

the beauty of it all
is there

sometimes we are just so
that we don't take the time
to notice it;
to see the good 

the beauty of today 
is yours.
sit. savor. enjoy.

it truly is the little things in life
that all add up,
to something 

go ahead count those

name them one by one!

have you taken the time to see
something beautiful today?
your simple blessings?
did you sit and savor it?

I'd love to hear about 
what you took note of today,
what beautiful did you see today?


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