Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2016 word

in the past i have chosen a word
to concentrate on for the year.

words such as:
and last year's word which was

i decided to really wait on God
what was the word He would whisper
in my ear?

i prayed about it.
that He would show me.

while doing my bible journaling
i decided instead of using my
many sets of devotionals
i would pray and then open the bible
to where He led me to.

i read the whole book from paul  to the

words kept popping off the page:
hope, faith, promises, glory, grace
believe and TRUST.

over and over
verses stood out about
believing and trusting.

believe. trust.

i journaled in three different bibles.
three completely different versions...
The Living Bible.
New International Bible
and The English Standard Version
all were consistent. all had the same result...
same words jumped off the pages at me.

hope, faith, promise, glory, grace
believe and trust.

today as i prayed for His words
to touch me.

TRUST was the underlying
meaning to all...
to trust and believe in Him and His promises.

my word for 2016
i believe is...TRUST.



robyn burke said...

I think I've heard my word too. And perhaps I'll even find words and time to blog about it. Blessings on yiu my friend. Grow in trust, grow in God. ♡

Anna said...

Beautiful! Happy New Year! God is so awesome! <3