Tuesday, November 3, 2015

the sweet voice of God

it happened again.

i have had experience with the
whisper of God
in my life before.

sometimes it takes a while
for me to actually
listen and act on it.

but, every single time
He whispers someone's name
to me and i act on it?

W O W.
i mean, W O W.

the last couple days
i have had this tugging.

a simple tug of my heart
to contact a friend of mine.

and God---
God, whispered her name to me.

this time it only took Him
prompting me twice
before i acted on it!

today, i sent a simple text:
how are YOU today?
how is your Dad?
YOU are in my thoughts
and prayers.
is there anything i can do
to help?

B A M!

just like that i received a message back.
thanking me for reaching out.
saying she has been having a rough couple days
& could she call me this afternoon!

W O W.
God you are amazing.
You never cease to amaze me.

Thank you, God for never giving up on me!
For continuing to use me
and for helping me to not only
listen and hear your VOICE
but, to ACT on it.

I love you, LORD.

Thank you.


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