Monday, October 26, 2015

time does not stand still

a week has past.

it has flown by so quickly
i am still struggling with
jet lag.
after a two week visit
to vienna, austria...
this granny's body
still wakes up between 3-5 am
every morning!

it's been a week
since we hugged and said, "good bye"
to our missionary family
living overseas.
a whole week already
since i saw those sweet little faces
and held them.

but, oh how i will treasure the
the time i spent in the presence of
laughter and love.

time spent with family and those you love
is never a waste of time.
it is something to be gathered
and held on to.

i will NEVER regret
the time and love
that i have spent in the presence
of my family.

i am blessed
i am thankful

oh, yes.
so very thankful.


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