Friday, October 2, 2015

life is good!

life is good
oh yes, indeed.

you see,
i can count on one hand
how many days
until i see my overseas family!

for real!

i have patiently waited
while my husband's work commitments
 kept us home
i have patiently waited 
as 'things' 
kept us home
i have patiently waited
as my six year old grandson
got more and more mature
i have patiently waited
as my newborn grandson
grew and grew

and now...

it is for real.

in less than a week
i will be
 holding & loving
my two beautiful grandsons.
i will be laughing with
 my daughter and son in law.

oh the joy.
oh the excitement.
oh the happiness.

i have patiently waited
i plan to savor and soak up
EVERY single moment of
EVERY single day.

life is good?
oh, yes indeed.

thankful. blessed. grateful.


oh yes.

my heart is ready.
this granny's heart is ready!



Laurel said...

So happy for you! I hope your trip is abundantly BLESSED!

thisisme said...

That's wonderful for you and I couldn't be happier for you. How exciting. You have been very patient. The little ones grow away just so quickly. I hope you have a wonderful visit.