Thursday, September 10, 2015

you. yes you. matter.

you are beautiful
yes. you.

your life matters
you are important
and you are loved.

someone a long time ago
showed you just how IMPORTANT
and LOVED you really are!

He gave His Son-

i mean, wow!

He did that for you.
He did that for me!

He did this because He
loves you.
He loves me.

He calls us 
His friend.

He calls us
His children.

He calls us
His family.

you. yes you. matter.

because of this...

will you go today
shine your light,
smile at someone.
show them they care.
that they matter.
that they are loved,
they are worthy.

you. yes you are beautiful.
you. yes you. matter.



Linda said...

Thank you for the reminder!

Anna said...

Thank you for always being a shining light! <3

Laurel said...

Beautiful! Yes . . . You are beautiful, too!