Wednesday, May 27, 2015's a family affair!

in our family
is like a love language! ;) 

for as long as i can remember,
coffee was the only drink of choice
in my family.

my parents 
were never without of pot

dad carried an old tupperware tumbler
before there were travel mugs!
his old truck smelled of coffee.

to this day,
the smell of black coffee 
brewing in the morning,
reminds me of my parents home.

i began drinking coffee
as a young pre-teen.
it was inevitable really...
i mean,
a pot of coffee 
was always on in our home
as a kid!

i remember coming home 
from school,
where i would find mom
sitting at the kitchen table
with a cup of coffee.
as a teen,
i knew she was there
if i needed to talk,
sitting at that old table 
with her coffee. 

it seemed so very natural
when my brother, casey
decided to try his hand at coffee roasting.

for one, 
we live in the pacific northwest
so, houses
are everywhere
but, also with the family's
love of coffee...
it also seemed to be the perfect path.

a micro-coffee roaster
his coffee is amazing!
(no, i am not partial)

i sit here this morning,
with my french roasted coffee
and am so proud of 
my brother,

he just opened a website
where his coffee can be ordered.

his gallery is awesome too...
it has pictures of his own family 
along with pictures of my mom & dad
also his siblings-
which means, me along with my
two brothers! :)

his different blends:

you cannot go wrong with any of these blends!

if you decided to try some of his coffee
and you order it...
please let me know!

i would LOVE to tell him...
that one of my friends order his coffee!

*by the way this was NOT a sponsored post!
i truly LOVE his coffee
and wanted to share it with you!



Laurel said...

Thanks for the heads up. I will definitely give it a try. You know me, I love coffee! Is there a local place to purchase his coffee, or is it all mail order?

Debbie Dillon said...

How wonderful! I'm so happy for you guys! Coffee has a long-standing history in my family, as well. I'll have to check it out - maybe, one day he'll be ready to advertise his product in a small but effective women's magazine??? :) LOL.

Blessings to you!