Friday, November 14, 2014


sweet moments surround me;
yes, every single day.

sweet moments
are everywhere,
in the little things
the big things.

sweet moments
 are there
if we only take time
to see them.

*the colors in the evening sky
as the sun slowly goes down-

*crunchy fall leaves piled along the curbs, sidewalks and roads-

*an eagle soaring in the wind
above the fields-

*listening to the wind gust and blow
while sitting in front of a warm fireplace-

*starting a new book!


*skype dates. (yes, i am allowed to mention this each week...
since my family lives overseas and i have two- yes, TWO grandsons living there!)

*sunshine glistening on snow-covered mt. baker

*the smell of coffee brewing

*a kitty who loves to sleep in my lap

*friday nights at home watching dvr'd shows

*fleece jammies. need i say more? fleece jammies.

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will you join me?
what sweet moments did you 
take the time to see this week?

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Anonymous said...

Which new book are you starting?

Melody Olson said...

I am starting a new Harlan Coben book! :)

Shawn said...

Your posts always put a smile on my face!