Friday, October 31, 2014

simply sweet

it has been busy around our house.
a time for adjustments and new normals.

we recently moved my mother-in-law into a care center.
she has alzheimers and the whole family (as a united unit)
made the decision that it was time, to get more help with her care.
the center is amazing, the staff are all wonderful and i am growing attached
to these sweet elderly people, who all smile when i walk down the hallways!

this week,  a few of the sweet moments that i
collected. noticed. treasured. soaked in and savored:

1. field trip to the pumpkin patch with the grandson (cider doughnuts!)
yum! sweet!
2. coffee date with my husband. we sat side by side in the coffee shop
i had a book in my lap and he was on his ipad. no words were needed. 
sweet moments.
3. a skype date with my 5yo grandson who lives overseas, hearing his laughter &
meeting his newborn baby brother (via skype) who was born last week!
these skype dates are so sweet and i treasure each one of them!
4. at the care center, we were sitting around with mom and a few residents;
my 4yo grandson broke into song-entertaining many of the staff and the elderly!
simply adorable.
5. living in the beautiful pnw means sometimes it is hard to walk
outside but, this week i was able to get outside and
go on a few wonderful walks. seeing trees with their orange and yellow leaves
seeing beauty all around me.
6. laughter. yes. sometimes that is all you can do. either laugh or cry.
i choose laughter and joy.
7. i entered a giveaway on instagram and won! i will be receiving it soon!

life is made up of a lot of little things, that is what makes it special.
sometimes with all the hustle and bustle of life though, it is hard to
recognize those small sweet moments.
to take the time to see these moments for what they are: sweet.

it is my prayer that this week you are blessed with
many wonderful, sweet moments.
that you can stop and take a moment to soak them in.
may you be filled with joy as you remember to savor them!

join me will you?
sweet moments are all around us if we take the time to see them.
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Thoughts for the day said...

I so glad all is going well for you and a new baby wow that is very exciting. Sure wish you could be there to hold him.
take care, love your blog

Shawn said...

This was a sweet post and it put a smile on my face!
Congratulations on the new grand baby, that is very exciting!!

Sweet Tea said...

Haven't had a chance to visit your blog for a while. Glad things are going well.
Congrat's on the new grandson!