Monday, October 14, 2013

life is good

it is the little things
you know that day in and day out
stuff that keeps you going?

each day
i wake up with a fresh start,
another chance!
it is what keeps me going~
knowing that the past is behind me
and the future is before me.
that all my past mistakes are just that...
the past.
that each new day is a fresh beginning!

so these last few weeks have been filled
with wedding plans and with moving my eighty nine year old MIL
into a small home on our property.
i wake up and walk just to get out and clear my mind!
do you know what i mean?

i have a feeling that my walks will become longer and longer
as i try to get the happy endorphins to stick around! ha.

the past friday
i went with the grandson on a field trip
to a pumpkin patch~
the colors of fall were amazing!

seeing beauty every single day.
my morning walk is a great time
for refection and enjoying God's handiwork!

and last but not least~
my farmer boy
harvested his corn
so much that
it turned into a corn mountain! ha



Mommy of Two said...

Great post, you are really great with words! I wish my posts flowed as smoothly :) I love the farm pictures too, my fiance is home shelling corn and harvesting beans. I miss him very much but it's only for a season, right?

Linda said...

Wow!! You have been a busy lady! Loved seeing your pics. Walking helps us physically AND mentally AND emotionally AND spiritually! Nothing wrong with THAT!

thisisme said...

Great post today, and I love the autumn pumpkin photos and the Corn Mountain!! A bumper harvest all round by the look of it! Yes, every day is a blessing. Stay shiny!

Susan Kane said...

Can almost smell the hay.

Nonnie said...

What happy photos they are. I love Fall. You are very wise to take those walks while you are in the middle of the kind of events that are both good and difficult types of stress.

Kendra Pahukoa said...

oh your photos are just lovely. every day is a new day, a new beginning and that is just the way we should be looking at it-thanks for that reminder!
Walks are my fav, they do the soul some serious healing don't they?!

Anna said...

Beautiful photos! Looks like you are keeping busy.