Friday, May 3, 2013

fun friday

days seem to fly by;
it really is crazy 
how fast it goes!

our weather here in the PNW
has been exceptionally gorgeous
the sun shining every day

which translates into;
lots of walks!
(this was taken down our lane/field,
which is where i usually walk.)

i received a text 
from my eldest daughter who wanted to know if i wanted to get a pedicure
with her today.
i jumped at the chance. :)

 with all this sunshine
i need to break out the flip flops! ;)

and lastly, 
last summer before our grandson moved to vienna
we bought two bunnies.
well guess what? 
those two bunnies turned out to be
a boy & a girl:)
so look what we have now:
we have babies!

i didn't want to touch the nest so it was hard to take the photo
i believe there are at least three little ones in there. :)

may you have a blessed weekend!

smile and shine your light;
your smile might be the only sunshine 
someone see this weekend!:)



Empty Nester said...

Bunnies, sunshine AND time spent with a daughter? What more could you ask for? :)

Melody Olson said...

Yes, how right you are and then this morning I skype with my grandson in Vienna. A perfect week indeed!

Sweet Tea said...

Congart's on the new bunnies! Any type of a baby is always sooooo darn cute.