Friday, May 10, 2013

feeling good friday!

flowers blooming
doves cooing
birds & butterflies soaring
tractors working up the soil

this time of year
is one of my favorites.
excitement is in the air
it is palpable; 
you can see it, feel it
 on the faces
of friends and on strangers;

spring is here!

spring. sunshine. flowers.

my favorite rhododendron bush 
in all it's loveliness & glory

joy. blessed. beautiful.

our snowball tree.

this one holds many fond memories for
my husband, daughters and i.

my husband would 
hide...waiting for the girls...

 when the girls got off the school bus
they would have snowball fights! :)

last year
he held a spontaneous snowball fight;

our two grandsons and my hubbie
'attacked' me with the snowballs!!
in the end
very little snowballs were left 
on the tree,
the driveway was littered 
with the white blossoms. :)

traditions. memories. laughter. 

little feet

my grandson and i 
took the wagon for a walk/stroll
and sat for a while under the tree
down the lane.
before heading back home.

love. blessed. happy.

last week i posted a photo
of our three bunnies.
here they are this week.

cute. sweet. fluffy. 

may you enjoy this friday
and have a lovely weekend

may it be filled with
sunshine. flowers.
traditions. memories. beauty.
love. joy. happiness & laughter.
and above all 
may you be



Mama Ds Dozen said...

LOVING this sunshine!

How have I never even heard of a snowball tree? Too fun. If we had one the flower bunches would be littered on the ground, as well. :)

My middle schoolers do not have track practice today, so we are going to skip school (homeschooling) and go PLAY all day. They want to teach me how to play Frisbee Golf at a park in B'ham.

Hope your weekend is BLESSED!


PS: Prayers appreciated. Walking through TOUGH stuff. Thanks.

thisisme said...

What a delightful post today and what fun with the snowball shrub! Happy memories indeed. I so agree with you that this is such a special time of the year, with lots of hope, and I love it!

Susan Kane said...

A perfect post for Mother's Day weekend.

Mama Ds Dozen said...

Just wrote a blog post and need your help. :) Won a Shabby Apple Gift certificate, and want my readers help in choosing something for the new-skiinier-me.


:) :) :)