Friday, April 5, 2013

what's on my phone? :)

as you read this post
i will jetting off to vegas
to witness my brother's wedding.

his two daughters
her two daughters
my mom and step dad
and my hubbie and i
will all be there to witness this
joyous day. :)

so i am sharing pictures
from my phone.

daffodil fields 
with the grandson

arm bling

farm life

some of my pyrex and stoneware

i wore this cross blouse to
our good friday 
worship night

practicing for good friday 
worship service

shoes on a
coffee date

shoes waiting for the
easter egg hunt

have a LOVELY weekend friends.
may you be a blessing to someone today.



Sweet Tea said...

Love the random photos!
Have a great time celebrating and witnessing the wedding!!

Susan Kane said...

Loved this quirky post. Enjoy the L.Vegas wedding!