Monday, April 15, 2013

sniffles & sneezes. oh my.

i suffered a headache & sore throat
the whole time we were in vegas
for my brother's wedding.

'the wedding party'
me, my new sister, my brother and my hubs

i love him.

i first thought it was from
the smoky casinos
but, alas it was not.

we arrived home a week ago sunday
and i still had the sore throat and headache.
by early thursday morning
it had turned into a full blown migraine.

when that finally broke
it turned into a head cold.
so as much as i had wanted it
to be just allergy to smoke.
it turns out that even with a flu shot
i have caught some kind of
spring cold/virus. :(

i am now on the tale end of it
and am feeling better.
just sniffles and sneezes now.

but, this morning i received a
call from my daughter who lives
14 hours away...

she is feeling exactly like me.

she wanted mommy's opinion
on what to eat & drink while
she deals with not feeling well-
it is hard for this mom
to not live closer
to be able to help
her youngest.
her baby girl.

this mama bird
has all her chickadees out of the nest
and even though it is the way
we know it is suppose to be;
for mama birds to raise their babies
to be ready to fly away on their own,
it is hard to be away from them
when they are not feeling well!!!

i did receive one of the highest
compliments just the other day though;
in my favorite coffee shop
the barista asked about two of my girls
who she knew had moved
far away.

she said, you know you
have raised your girls
to be confident and independent
to be able to move away like that!


i will hold on to that.
knowing we did a few things
right in raising those three
confident christian girls!

have a wonderful monday.

as for me...
i think another cup of tea is in order.




Nonnie said...

Raising three confident, responsible Christian daughters in today's world is a challenge and sounds like you did a great job! Sorry you aren't feeling well, but looks like you made the best of it. I love my sister-in-love!

Empty Nester said...

We have to hold onto that. It's the only way we moms can cope when they move far away.

Mama Ds Dozen said...

So sorry you haven't been feeling well. :(

I'm crazy busy this week, but will totally be ready for a coffee and chat time after this coming weekend. :)

So understand the birdies that flew the coop and didn't stay in the barnyard. :) I got a middle of the night phone call last fall from a very sick birdie in Australia. Oh the prayers that I prayed as my sweet girl was hospitalized in Australia (from Malaria she had picked up in Africa). Yikes!

Hugs & Prayers to you, Sweet Friend.

Laurel :)

Anna said...

Awww! Hope you are feeling better!

Have a great weekend!