Monday, April 22, 2013

a prompting

a writing prompt this week;
Mama's Losin' It
Look into your archives. What were you blogging about a year ago around this time? Are you still dealing with the same thing? 

i have writing prompts delivered
weekly to my email.
most times i read them 
and think, " ooh, what a great idea"
and then proceed to write something else. ha

so today when i received my prompts
i picked this one and looked back into
what i was blogging about a year ago.

i was participating in the a-z challenge
to write each day with the letter of the alphabet.

a lot of them had to do with
my life, happiness and capturing life.

i haven't changed that much.

the only thing that is different for me now;
i was writing about treasuring these moments
and making memories with my grandson.
you may remember that our
daughter, son in law and three and half year old grandson
were planning their move to 
vienna, austria at the time?
and so i was planning day trips
and over night get aways and treasuring
each and every single moment with my 

nowadays, i skype with him.
just saturday morning we skyped- 
it was morning for me and evening for him.

we talked a bit, 
he colored a picture for me,
showed me his room and his
trains and tracks ( i love skype!)
and then his mommy came into
the room and said, "Jackson it is time to go"
and he begged for 5 more minutes...;)
during that time i was honored to 
get to read him a bedtime story 
and sing to him before he got ready for bed.
ahhh. loved. it.

so although, he lives far away
and though my writing isn't too much
about savoring those minutes with him
before he leaves...
i still am all about;
family, love and taking time out
to enjoy the little things in life.

every single day is a blessing
and sometimes we just need 
to sit and take time to notice it!

join me will you?
in seeing the beauty this week.
it is there. we just need to take the time
to see. to look.



Robyn Burke said...

yes indeed!!! savoring every moment with my sister... special indeed.

Nonnie said...

Every moment is precious, for sure. Remembering where I was this time last year certainly makes gives me cause to be thankful for every moment, too.