Tuesday, February 26, 2013


we had a wonderful anniversary.

the day was filled with time together.

we went to:
a coffee shop and sat for awhile.
went to see a matinee just the two of us.
he had some errands to do afterwards
so he dropped me off at the mall and
then picked me up an hour later
and we went to our all time favorite mexican restaurant
and then on our way home we stopped and brought home
my favorite flavor of ice cream. (choc. cherry!)

when we got home
he went to popped the trunk
and presented me with a bouquet of flowers!

yeah, he is a keeper. ;)

i am going to share a few pictures from my phone
which represents life here lately-

our anniversary consisted of 
coffee. ice cream. flowers. dinner & a movie.

olive chillin' in the sun

a day at home
my farmer boy's socks and one of his old wrestling tshirts
(a perfect way to spend a day)

a date with the hubbie
coffee & harry potter. :)

my group of high school friends...
we have named ourselves:
the YA-YAs :)
are all doing a four mile walk/run
this coming weekend together.
the quote on the bottom of the shirt
which didn't show up in the photo reads:
"i have no doubt we will not run out of things to say in 4 miles; not even in 400 miles"

i am SO looking forward to this weekend
when we will all be together.
there is always much laughter and fun.
i cannot wait!

i wish you blessings as you go 
about the rest of your week.

shiny. beautiful. blessed. indeed.



Jaime said...

Sounds like a wonderful day. I love spending time with my husband. Awesome husbands are the best! Happy Annivesary!

thisisme said...

Sounds like a wonderful anniversary and, yes, your husband certainly sounds like a keeper. Wishing you many nore happy days together :)