Monday, January 14, 2013

i ask you

i have always loved fashion
have loved staying up to date on styles
with clothes & hair.

i know it isn't what makes me loved
and special in His eyes
but, still i have always had an
interest and desire

i have worked many years in the fashion industry
both in retail shops and as a hairdresser
so staying current seemed to come naturally

on saturday
my husband and i went to town
for lunch and to run errands.
our local sears is closing down here in our mall
so my husband wanted to check out their sales
so being the 'wonderful' wife, that i am (hehe)
i said, " i will head over to target while you shop in sears"

i am in the clothing department
perusing the sale rack
when a mom & daughter walk by me
they are approximately the same ages
as my daughter & i.

i hear the daughter say to her mom,
"i never know where to shop in this
this store, do i shop in the junior or the misses?"
the mother, VERY loudly says to her daughter,
"are you over 20? then you shouldn't be shopping
in this section!"

now, i had my back to them
and i do not think she was referring to me, personally...
but, a general comment to SO many of the women
that were right along side me shopping the sales rack!

i struggle to stay current with styles while not looking like
i am trying to compete with my three daughters!
i would hope that my girls would be inspired
to always take care of yourself and take pride in themselves
but, man that comment hit me upside the head!

i ask you now
what do you think?
do you think that after a certain age
people should stay away from certain items
and certain sections in a store?
i am not talking about leather mini skirts
& showing off lots of skin
just staying up to date and current.

and then i could not write a post without
sharing these adorable shoes and cute
glittery sweatshirt...
that i purchased that exact day while shopping!!! :)

happy monday my friends!



thisisme said...

Hi melody-mae! Ah, now that explains everything, when you tell us that you have worked in fashion and, also, as a Hairdresser. I always love your outfits and your hair! I can only say that I can shop in Topshop, Newlook and the like, and I am 65! My daughters shop in these shops also. I suppose I am lucky in that I am petite and I obviously wouldn't go for anything too young looking (don't want to end up as mutton dressed as lamb, as they say!!)I think a lot of mothers and daughters shop at the same places today. That whole generation thing has gone really. You didn't say what that Mother looked like, who spoke to her daughter like that! I certainly don't want to end up looking fuddy duddy!!

melody-mae said...

Thank you sweetie!
I don't want to look like a fuddy duddy either! LOL This is why as much as I would LOVE to wear more vintage clothes than I do ( I LOVE them) I worry that people will think I had them in my closet all these years! LOL

Linda said...

I don't really like shopping all that much but I don't pay much attention to the department signs. I go for what draws my eye. When I was younger, say in my 30's, I wore the romantic look - lots of ruffles and lace and gathers. As I aged I drifted more toward the classical ageless fashions. Good lines and style. For casual I wear anything that fits and is comfortable. That lady just called attention to her own lack of knowledge. I bet it also has something to do with figure heights and such - not only age and fashion.

Mama Ds Dozen said...

While I have definitely seen 40+ year old women that look like "they are trying to look like teenagers", I have NEVER thought such a thing about you. I LOVE your style!!!

Because of being overweight for the past 20 years, since my bout with thyroid cancer, I have had to shop in the x-large department. I have chosen my clothing very carefully, to not call attention to the weight. But, there are many styles I have stayed away from because of my weight rather than my age.

Just yesterday, I was thinking about you and your style . . . and I just cannot wait to lose the next 50 pounds so that we can go shopping. After 20 years away from the more popular styles (though I have definitely done my best to not look fuddy duddy), I will definitely need a "Fashion Consultant".

Keep shopping in whatever department keeps that SMILE on your face. :) :) :)

Can't wait to go shopping.

:) :) :)

Windy City Mama said...

I had a similar conversation with a friend recently. I think people should wear what they like. If you feel good in it, then it works.