Thursday, December 6, 2012

thrifty thursday!

and here we go a
post on what i have been wearing
at least one item in each photo has been thrifted
from either a consignment store or second hand stores. :)

so this is something i tried
this week with a new program
for my photos.

not sure what i think?
it is kind of fun to try
something new i guess.
what do you use to post
pictures and store pictures?

my friend and i have both
had google and picasa
tell us we are out of storage space
so i have been playing around with other
options. any suggestions?

blessings to you today!

i am also wishing my sweet little grandson
a happy birthday today.
he turned 4 and is in vienna, austria



Robyn Burke said...

That's a fun app! I learned today that I can still upload pictures to a Picasa album first and then pick pictures from the album to post on the blog. Adds an extra step but at least I can still post pictures!

Mama Ds Dozen said...

Love the thrift store finds.

You are my inspiration. I can hardly wait to get skinny and go shopping with you. LOVE your style.

:) :) :)

Linda said...

Great outfits!

I bought extra space a few years ago. I may need to buy more soon. I used picnik but they are gone now so I use iPiccy - and I never know how to pronounce that!!

Shawn said...

I live your style, you look so trendy! I use Smilebox when I'm having fun with my photos!

Flameheart said...

Beautiful! I love it. And it's such a great way to insert a photo-story in a blogpost. I use photobucket. :)