Saturday, December 1, 2012

december one

via graphics fairy

today is the first day of december?
unbelievable how fast time goes by!

i read an amazing post today; 
kristen wrote about lowering expectations 
for this christmas.

so often, i have the expectation of having
the perfect holiday, the perfect vacation,
the perfect family, the perfect house,
the perfect outfit,
the perfect _____ you fill in the blank!

this year our middle daughter, son in law and our soon to be 
four year old grandson
 will be 
in another country as they serve as missionaries!

i have had a hard time
shopping for gifts.
because i will be sending them money instead of a gift...
(they are missionaries and can use financial gifts more than trinkets!)

our extended families are having parties early
and so the actual day 
will most likely be 
pretty low-keyed.

don't get me wrong,
we are planning to celebrate!

our youngest daughter is driving 12 hours to 
get home in time!!! :)

& we will have our oldest daughter & her sweet family here,
which means we will also witness the magic and excitement
of christmas through the
eyes of an adorable two year old!!

i will try to leave that idea
of the perfect holiday,
perfect family,
the perfect christmas tree,
the perfectly decorated house
the perfect table 
with perfect food...

i will leave it all

i will concentrate on
being thankful for what
i have.

because if i really take the time
to look at all that i have
in my life 
and what is truly important...
then it is easy to say;

life is lovely

may you have a wonderful holiday season

and take time 
to count your blessings &
to name them one by one!

i wish you a
merry christmas!



Debbie Dillon said...

Hello, my friend! I love this post and know exactly what you mean. I also strive for the "perfect," but I think as long as we're celebrating the ONLY One who is perfect, all will be well :)
Merry Christmas to you!

melody-mae said...

Thank you Debbie! Perfect is impossible to achieve and yet, I try way too often! I forget to enjoy the here and now and also the ONE who gave it ALL to me!

Nicole said...

Yes, thank you. I know I can become very stressed about giving the perfect handmade gifts that will wow everyone. Or having the prettiest christmas decor. And I can go on... But that isn't what the season is about, thanks for the reminder. Blessings!

That corgi :) said...

When I stopped trying to have the perfect Christmas for us and instead decided to forego and do for others less fortunate, that's when I started having perfect Christmases :)

I hope you have a delightful season and a Merry Christmas!


Lauren Davenport said...

Lovely post. Bless you this Christmas season :)

Empty Nester said...

I'm trying to do the same thing. I'm trying to remember that having the family around is the thing that makes a holiday perfect- not the placement of the decorations or the outfit, etc. It's not always easy though.

Hanna said...

Thank you for sharing a little more about you:) I am so glad your daughters are coming home. That always makes the holidays brighter! Thanks for all your support!