Thursday, November 15, 2012

miss olive

we have sunshine in

my mommy opened up
the mini blinds this morning
not to let the sunshine in
but, so i could sit in the
window sill and look outside!
(i am sure it was for me because,
isn't everything about me?)

don't you just love it
when they do things like
that for you? :)

of course tuesday night
it was rainy and i was cold
and they turned on the fireplace
(just for me, again!)

oh yes. because, they know
i love to be warm!

i just stretched out and got myself
all comfy womfy!

then of course i must tell
you all what happened a few days ago...

mom caught me,
you see i really love
sitting on the dining table
watching the tractors
drive by our farm.
i am not suppose to be up on the table...
(they say it is for eating? what?)

she didn't get mad but, just shook her head
and got out her camera phone! :)

there are just so many things
to watch here on the farm.
tractors & cows...i mean i
really need to sit on the table
so i can see it all! (right?)

i hope you are having a
purrfect day today.
i am going to go sit
in my window sill again
and see if i can see those
birds in the birdie bath again.
i like to watch them too. ;)

until next time,



Robyn Burke said...

the things we do for our Fur-Babies. ;)

Shawn said...

Miss Olive,
We are so happy to see your Mom has agreed to be your secwetawy and photogwaphew!! What a lovely day at your house, don't you just love sitting by the window, watching Birdie TV?

your furiends,
Chloe, Cecil and Winston

Anna said...

Too cute! This makes me miss having a cat, good thing I get to see some cute kittens this weekend! ;)

Wynne Prasetyo said...

isn't she adorable! i'm more a dog person but my friend has 4 persian cats and they're completely loveable! cats are admittedly so hard not to love!

oh Melody, i would like to confirm whether you have liked Laurence King's Facebook page as a prerequisite to the giveaway. In which case, could you tell me your Facebook name? i'd appreciate a tweet for the answer to save time :) thanks a lot!

running4him said...

Sunshine!! some people ( and animals ;) are so lucky! lol