Monday, August 13, 2012



we went to the mall
shared thai dinner
and  the movie dark knight!

i loved it,
but i must say i kept my
eye on every person
who got up to go
to the restroom
or who was walking around
the theatre. :(
they checked my purse before
i was allowed to enter!


we wound up not
making it to the 
air show-boohoo.
so saturday came,
and the kids
all wound up having plans.
so mark and i decided
to hop in the car
go for a drive!
we stopped at this pond
i have wanted to check it out 
and time again-
it is just a quick little walk
only a half mile one way.
it was sunny out and we 
enjoyed discovering this
sweet little walk!

sunset pond

mark checking the trails


afterwards we did
a bit of shopping
and then went for coffee
then home for
netflix movies!
a perfect saturday in 
my book!


after church 
we had a 
potluck at a members home
on a nearby lake.
what a gorgeous day for it!

the sun was shining
there was so much
food to enjoy,
games to play,
a pinata,
and ended in a 
water gun fight!
(which of course mark joined in on!)

when we arrived home
the air show
was just finishing up
above us
so we could see a tiny bit
of it in the sky. 

i hope you too, had a wonderful weekend!!
what made it special for you?


*these photos were taken by me and belong to me. thank you.



Thoughts for the day said...

I would not... ever ... go to that show. Glad you enjoyed it, I know I would not.

Nonnie said...

Glad you had a good day. The pond was lovely. Love the potlucks.

songbyrd on the mountain said...

we both had special weekends, special date days with our hubbies. spectacular weather to boot! Life. is. Good!!!!