Monday, June 11, 2012

*weekend pictures*

saturday my husband and i
went and bought some
rabbits for the grandsons
we found them on craigslist
of course we had to get two ;)

jack named his on the left of the picture;
and so far lane's which is on the right
doesn't have a name;
we are giving him options.

i was thinking of:
nacho, dorito, pico
or maybe bell or salsa...
see a theme here? :)

we will see what he actually picks. LOL



Tracy said...

awww, how sweet...I use to have rabbits and think they make an adorable pet!

Sweet Tea said...

Real rabbits!! Glad my Granddolls don't know your Grands, 'cause I couldn't compete with that. LOL I know nothing about rabbits and didn't know they made good pets. Perhaps you can educate us a bit on rabbit behavior - they are cute little bunnies!

melody-mae said...

@sweet tea- Well my husband and I both had them when we were growing up and thought they would be fun for the boys.
We have a farm, so what is one or two more animals? LOL
These ones are pretty tame I can tell ya that! :) The girl we bought them from gave them baths even...oh dear!

Janice's footsteps said...

Rabbits make great pets you can even litter box train them I always had ours outside in the hutch similar to yours, just don't let them out of your sight they are faster then people think and great run-awayers :(
I love the coloring your bunnies have & agree what is 1 or 2 more pets not every kid gets to have that experience so know they will treasure these things for life :))

Mary said...

Visiting from Sweet Tea's. Those bunnies are so cute! I finally broke down and let one of my sons (okay, it was really my hubby!) get a couple of gerbils. They've grown on me...they're actually quite cute!