Monday, May 14, 2012

mother's day 2012

what a spectacular weekend!

the sun was shining as we
celebrated my mother in laws
88th birthday/mother's day.

we had an open house
here at our farm.

coffee/lemonade and cake.

lots of sitting in the sunshine
frisbee golf, visiting & laughter
as we celebrated
a life well lived!

we had 27 all together
here at the farm
later that evening
we went to a local restaurant
where we wound up with 26
and a VERY long table for
a formal dinner!

my mother in law was so
moved by the love and support
it was pretty sweet to witness it...

yesterday was spent relaxing.

two of my daughters and families
wound up coming here
we kept it simple with
pizza and ice cream cake! :)

i sat outside with the two grandsons
and soaked in the sunshine and their
laughter as they played together.

life is so very good
and yes, i am blessed.

"look granny, a worm!"

as i watched these two boys;
little cousins playing and bonding
 in the dirt...

my heart 
with love.

life indeed is amazing
and i am thankful
for each and every moment
of it!



Linda Chapman said...

What an awesome celebration of LIFE!!

Shawn said...

Beautiful post, sweet friend. Yes, you are truly blessed!!

dandelionfleur said...

Thanks for sharing your blessings--that in itself is a blessing to others.

running4him said...

Sounds awesome!!! Frisbee golf, family, and celebration. Cant go wrong!!!

Lydia Criss Mays said...

What a big crowd full of so much love for family! How wonderful. I'm sure that making memory time was the best!

Happy seeing beautiful!

P.S., I hope you were able to connect with my sister (or her blog) living in Vienna. I think it would be a wonderful resource for your family moving. She's a pretty spectacular person. :)

Tracy said...

M & M, that was fantastic...what a great way to spend the day with loved ones to bond and create memories! I'm glad you all had such a special time!