Tuesday, May 8, 2012

a kitchen revealed

the time is here
to share the before and after
pictures of our kitchen renovation-
this post is picture overloaded for sure! :)

we start out here with a dark & dreary kitchen-
i actually did not get a 'real' before picture
because i was gone for the day
and came home and they had already 

the cabinets were a dark cherry wood
we had the fronts redone
in bead-board
and then painted white
with all new black hardware
a new counter was installed and an island that matches
all done in concrete!

i also replaced some dark stools for some
industrial metal ones:)
the island was also shortened to give 
us more kitchen work-space
since we rarely eat there anymore.

cluttered dark ugly shelves...
the tin cans that had been collected for years,
were cleaned and i wound up keeping THREE of them
that were from my grandma the
rest were donated to the goodwill:)
new backsplash was added,
which just makes everything
so bright and clean!

this was where we
kept the garbage can-
which is now...

our pantry!

a shot of the 'beautiful' light fixture
above our island then
and now-
yes, hard to not be happy when i walk
into this cheery kitchen now?!! :)

and then finally
 a showcase of some of my lovelies...
against the opposite wall of the kitchen-
the top of the hutch holds
mementos from
family no longer with us...
and some of my 'white' collection

then the white continues on this back wall-
a collection of milk glass and iron stone
gathered from all over the house:)

i still am not done with the window treatment...
right now there is nothing
and i am liking it...
i will not be hanging a curtain but,
am on the lookout for
white shabby corbels...

so there you go...
a mini kitchen tour-

the pictures are not the best...
although i never claimed
to be the best photographer!
i mainly wanted to show you what 
i have been working on since the end 
of december! HA!

the sun is shining today
and i am heading 
out in an hour for
a walk/talk with a dear friend.

life is sweet
enjoy your day
my friends!!



Heather said...

I love the concrete Melody! And those pendants are fabulous! Well done :-)


Shelly said...

That is so lovely- what a change from the before photos! You are really going to enjoy being in that kitchen~

Thoughts for the day said...

wow that is awesome. We have cherry wood in our kitchen and I actually like it but the white is very pretty.

Mama D’s Dozen said...

Yea! I've been waiting to see. :)

We used to have very dark kitchen cupboards and my Painter Husband surprised me with a WHITE kitchen about 6 years ago. (He sent me away for 3 days, and I came home to "new" cupboards.) We have talked about replacing the doors of the cupboards. LOVE yours.

Great job!

Very nice!

I'm sure you are enjoying it.

:) :) :)

Outside Looking In said...

WOW, what a transformation! I love white kitchens and all the light---you must be so happy now!

Thisisme. said...

I was going to say exactly the same as the last Commentator. Wow! what a stunning transformation. It all looks so bright and beautiful now. Isn't it amazing just what you can do in a home to make it look so much better. You must be thrilled with it, and I bet you just love spending time in the kitchen now!

mare ball said...

what a beautiful makeover! I love the shift from dark to bright. Light colors make all the difference, don't they?
I love the post after this too...be still and know...that is my signature scripture. It has sustained me in so many circumstances. Beautiful!