Tuesday, April 3, 2012

c - cancer

such an ugly word
but, such a huge part
of my life for over
twenty years now.

my first real knowledge
of the word cancer
was over twenty years ago,
when my dad was diagnosed
and lived for only 3 weeks
after discovering he was filled
with the ugly disease.

approx. six years later
i heard the words
"you have cancer"
and seven years later
i heard those awful words

this past fall,
the word cancer
was to be spoken
one more time
in our family.
my husband was diagnosed
with cancer.
he had surgery and is doing
quite well so far! :)

today we head to seattle
for his 3 month checkup,
to have blood work done
and make sure everything is
going as it should be.

i am praying for a
great result-
that his PSA will be
down to zero,
that we will
know then that we have beat
this ugly beast, ONE more time!!

please, if you have time
will you say a prayer for
my hubbie that all will be well...

today the letter is c
for the challenge...

the letter c
today stands for
cancer & CURE;
because i believe it is
high time we found a cure
for this stupid ugly disease!



Thisisme. said...

I agree with you my friend. Cancer is such an ugly word, and such an insidious disease. I am so sorry to hear that your husband now has it. Of course I will pray for him. I pray for healing and comfort for him. Hugs.

Tracy said...

Hey M & M, Prayers have already been said for you and your hubby. I can't even imagine and well, I do find that the only challenge you have in your life these days is the A to Z one! Keep us posted...

jen@ living a full life said...

Such an awful disease and it comes to so many in so many forms. Sending prayers of friendship and healing to you both..
And lest we forget to pray for the scientific community that they continue their search and ultimately find for a cure!

Tricia said...

I'm praying for you both. Right now. May God's peace continue to fill you both and may a healthy report be in store.


Tammy Doane said...

Can't agree with you more-28 years ago my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer-2 years ago my aunt was diagnosed with lung cancer anf 2 years ago my husband was diagnosed with colon cancer- I hate this C word!

Thoughts for the day said...

Cancer is evil and hopefully one day we will be done with it.

Sweet Tea said...

Cancer makes me RAGE with anger.
I'm praying for great news for your hubs.
Please give us an update when possiblr.

Janet Bocciardi said...

My prayers are being sent up for your hubby and you. Hugs and strength and good news!

I can't get the "c" out of my head either. Most recently finding out that a dear friend has finally lost her fight and will be joining her mother who she just lost to the hereafter. After many years of fighting and being the most amazing person it makes me angry and incredibly sad..

Janice said...

Yes, cancer is a very ugly "C" word. So glad you added cure as an additional "C" word. Good thoughts are being sent your way.

Kay said...

I wish you both well & a full recovery. I lost my lovely Dad to Lung cancer, he never smoked, except as a passive participant, rules were different years ago & I’m glad that society is changing, because it is a cruel way to live the last days out of any life. Good luck & best wishes