Sunday, April 1, 2012



today is april first.

april fools day?!

means to me;
spring time
spring break

and LOTS of
brother in law
son in law
mother in law
 two nephews

i am
going to
challenge myself-
with my writing  
this month-

i will be writing
each day!

happy april fools day!
are you planning to
do any pranking today?
or better yet, have you been
or will you be
 pranked? :) 



jen@ living a full life said...

April means Easter and gardening to me; I love my garden! Can't wait to get my tomatoes and other veggies in!

Buttercup said...

I'm thinking of the same challenge to do a post a day. Wishes for a bright and beautiful Sunday!

Janice said...

Oh, my! I forgot Apr. 1 was April Fool's Day...hope I don't get fooled. Your poem is very cute. Do you have "B" planned already?

I am, like Betsy, doing the A-Z Challenge. I'm #1676. What number are you?

Martha said...

I know my youngest son will pull some pranks but I'll be expecting it! Happy A day :)

EmptyNester said...

No pranking here. But we do have to watch out for DoodleBug. She's the prank queen. LOL

Kristen Pelfrey said...

Hi Melody-Mae!
Visiting for A-Z. NIce to meet you. I am not getting pranked today. At least not so far.
But the day is young.

Brenda McKenna said...

Happy April Fool's! We're going to eat pudding and Oreos and gummi worms, which will be tasty, even if it won't actually fool anyone! :)

Connie Arnold said...

No pranking but love April. It's one of my favorite months. Good luck with your writing!

Tracy said...

April means my son's b'day and a season of newness and growth and an abundance of possibilities!
I am also thankful that April 1st was on a Sunday since I teach school and despise when April fool's day is on a school day :)