Friday, March 9, 2012

my first blog giveaway!!

i am
 super excited
to have my first giveaway!

many of my friends/followers have
heard me talking 
about my daughter and son in law
and their music.

they have an AMAZING CD
that was just released 
and i could not be more 
proud of the two of them!

speak straight to your heart!

do not be surprised 
you are like me...
and find yourself humming
a chorus or two from
one or more
the great songs!

this is
 a self-titled CD:

so here is the deal;
i have 3 ways for you
to WIN their CD-

visit  here
there are 4 songs
on the website you can listen to
for free.

tell me which song you liked best
in the comment box for 
1 entry.

then you can:

'like' A Fine Pair of Misfits
then leave me a comment below
telling me you did-
this will give you
 1 entry.

and finally...
follow A Fine Pair of Misfits
leave me a comment below
telling me you did
and this will give you
1 entry!

of course you can
always order
the CD
i promise you will 
not be disappointed!

i will draw a name
next friday
march 16th
and post it
in saturday's post!

good luck! 

may you
have a lovely weekend-
i pray
 that you would
see the beauty
that surrounds
each and every day!

that you would take
to be thankful
for it all...

won't you join me
in sharing
your smile 
with others?
such a small effort
can mean so much
to the receiver 
of just one
 YOUR smiles.

let's shine our light
my friends



EmptyNester said...

I'm already a follower and I tried to go listen to the four songs but couldn't figure out where/how to do it on the site.

melody-mae said...

Empty Nester- I just changed the link so you can listen to the songs now. They are on the right side of the page. :)

Thoughts for the day said...

Haven't listened yet but you could put my name in for the drawing :o}

songbyrd on the mountain said...

I have listened to the songs online and I also had the unique privileged of hearing them sing one song live at Christmas. It was a treat for sure and I am planning to BUY their CD if I don't WIN it first!!

songbyrd on the mountain said...

forgot to say the song I liked best was ' for your glory" (think that's the title) and I already liked them on Facebook. (I don't twitter)