Monday, March 5, 2012

monday notes

yesterday as i sat taking
notes of our sermon
to update our church facebook page

i thought about this sermon
and how this was what i try to do!
striving for each and every day-
and what i reach for even here on my blog
each and every day...

so i thought i would share
my sunday notes
for monday!

1. we have this moment.
2. do you know your sins are forgiven?
if so then get happy!
3. some people are addicted to being miserable.
they are not happy unless they are miserable!
so then wherever they go,
that is what comes out of them...
4. what if instead of misery we said,
"today is the day! let us rejoice and
be glad in it!"
5. we have today, let's show others
love & forgiveness, today! 

finally this one,
i really loved!

6. if you are not a caring & kind person
try acting like one for awhile
thinking and doing kind things-
slowly over time being kind
will become second nature...
you can/will become that kind & caring person!

you can write a different script for your life.

let's rejoice and be glad!

may you have a nice monday.

it is raining here
but, the possibility of
some coffee time with my hubbie
makes the laundry, dishes and housework
seem just a bit more sweeter!

shine on!



Thoughts for the day said...

It is a down pour here at my house almost heavy pellets. Just a good day for hot tea and a fire in the fireplace. Thanks for the great words, it is always good to be encouraged.

Sweet Tea said...

Great message.
Don't you wish EVERYONE would get the message?!
My what a different world this would/could be!

Shawn said...