Saturday, February 18, 2012

saturday thougthts


rain comes down hard
on our metal roof...
i wake up slowly
to the pitter of the raindrops

with plans to drive to
the near by town
taking my daughter to lunch
& to get in a bit of 
thrift shopping 
with her

we lunch at olive garden,
do some shopping (yay!)

as i start for home
the sun starts to break through the
hazy, rain clouds...
making it appear misty.

i wind up meeting my husband 
at the bookstore
for some coffee...

it has been a wonderful,
relaxing saturday~

for me comes in noticing
the little things-

i am ever
thankful and happy!

do you have plans 
for the long weekend?

be blessed my friends~



DeanO said...

just happy the weekend is here :)

Sweet Tea said...

Mister and I had a movie/dinner date.
Lots of cold rain here today.
Cozy date with a foot massage when we got home.

Shauna said...

Spent the day with my two boys:) Thrifting tomorrow!