Monday, February 20, 2012

monday, monday

no words need to be said,
on this monday morning.

a cup of coffee in one of my
favorite cups?
yeah, it doesn't get much better! :)

have a great monday~



Katie said...

So good to me,
Monday Monday,
It was all I hoped it would be.


Patti said...

that's the way to start the week! Life is good, for sure.

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Just finished my Hazelnut Mocha.

:) :) :)

DeanO said...

Monday gets a bad wrap as it's really a good day. A day the Lord has made :)

Shawn said...

Monday is my day off work..I love coffee on Monday morning, nowhere to go, nothing important to do, just chilaxin the day away!

Buttercup said...

Me, too. It was sunny, I had coffee and we celebrated Mr. Washington's birthday.

Mama Violet said...

It's not Monday but I'm still enjoying my morning cup. Good Morning!