Thursday, January 26, 2012

thrifty thursday

another thrifty thursday
is here; 

i wore this on a coffee & bookstore date
with my hubbie-
i walked in the restroom and thought
ooh, i should take a picture of my 
'thrifted outfit'!

i bought the sweater at 
the thrift store.
they had a
50% off sale on
MLK day!

i am in love with the color
of the sweater
it is almost a caramel color
and in fact i went back to the thrift store
 and found
a 'sweater-jacket' with big buttons
a few days afterwards in 
the SAME color and bought it
because i so love the color...
navy, grey, brown & black 
i plan to pair all of these colors
 with my
new caramel items! :)
boots-sears, sweater-thrifted for $3.00
scarf-nordstrom, striped t-shirt-kohls
belt-is borrowed from a pair of dress pants,

i also wore this same sweater over an ivory colored dress
black tights and my chestnut colored boots
on sunday for church-
i had seen an outfit similar
 on pinterest
and thought,
hey, i could rock that!

i hope you are having a 
wonderful thursday 

be blessed,



Thoughts for the day said...

You are so funny, a picture in a restroom? :o) Love the outfit so cute, as usual you did good.

Dwija {House Unseen} said...

You look SO cute...and I am dying over those boots!

Outside Looking In said...

I like it and think it's a great color. I love the boots you're wearing too. I just thrifted a caramel skirt and sweater in this color too!

Sweet Tea said...

You are so darn cute - you can wear anything and look great. Does your dh realize how much money you save him? He got a deal when he got you, GF!

Mama Violet said...

Love the color combo and the pairing with stripes. You look great.

Welcome to the Thriftanista Social Club!

Shawn said...

Great outfit, love the Carmel color!
Your lookin' gorgeous as ever!

Anita said...

Lovely blog.

Ross said...

Enjoy your new things. It's been a while since I touched base. There's been a lot going on and so little time to touch base with all my fellow bloggers. I hope your doing well.

Anna said...

You have the cutest clothes! :)

Betsy said...

You look adorable~ can't beat half off day at the thrift store!

arlene said...

Well done! My daughter has the knack of putting together outfits from her trips to the Thrift store too. We both love 1/2 price days!
I was wondering how you tied your scarf? I can't quite work it out from the picture....

melody-mae said...

@Arlene. Ha I went back to look at my scarf to see what you are talking about. I guess it doesn't show very well in the photo. I do it this way ALL the time. I take the two loose ends and tie a knot so it is one big circle and then put it over my head and wrap one more an infinity scarf! :)

Sherri said...

Great outfit! I love the sweater and it's color. I am a huge thrift shopper myself. In fact, most of my wardrobe is thrift. I put all that savings together and blog about it on Wed. We also have a farm!!! :-)