Monday, January 2, 2012

this weekend

we welcomed in a new year
and moved our daughter
to portland, oregon
to student intern in a class
down there.

my sister in law
has this amazing basement
with its own bathroom
in the sweetest 1950's house...

this basement
has become a studio apartment
for my daughter for the next
few months.

we had her boyfriend
along with us
we unpacked her things
and made her apartment all cozy...

we went to OMSI
in portland and did touristy things- :)
my daughter and boyfriend
walk to the submarine tour
at omsi

on new years eve
we dressed up and went
to the old spaghetti factory,
then back to the house and
welcomed in the new year!
spaghetti factory
waiting area

we left after lunch
and my daughter stood
in the driveway

very upset...

not about the my hubs and i
leaving her there,
she has been on her own
going to college
for over 4 years...

it was
the boyfriend-

they had just gotten back
together again as a couple
after an 8 month split.

she said, she felt like
they broke up all over again. :(

being a mom is HARD work.
we raise these little human beings
with all the love we possess
until it feels as if our heart
will burst with the pride and love

then we have to cut
the apron string and let them go

out into the world

where they succeed or fail
and they need to do it on
their own. they live with
the choices.

i cannot fix it for them.

she decided to leave
and to intern months ago...

i cannot fix that. :(

time for this mom
to give it ALL to God.

my prayer is
that this will be a
wonderful learning and growing
experience for her and also
for him!

we all did have a wonderful time
while we were there!

we always love seeing the
family and hanging out together.

i know everything will be fine

i have faith

i also know
she is a tough cookie.

a woman with a mind of her own.
who has worked very, very hard
to become a teacher :)

i hope you had a
wonderful new year celebration?

wishing you health and happiness
in the new year.



jen@ living a full life said...

Oh melody-mae I so relate to your feelings about motherhood in this post. Those apron strings that are firmly attached when they were young just turn into heart strings pulling when they grow and move away, don't they?
Wishing you and your daughter well.

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Glad you all had a fun weekend, even though the good-bye's are always hard. My grown kids always go further and stay gone longer than your daughter has. I haven't seen 1 son since last March, and don't know when I'll see him. I haven't seen 1 daughter since July, and have no idea when I'll see her again. Another daughter just left for 7 weeks in Liberia (not the safest place to travel).

But ... I continue to release ... and TRUST ... and PRAY.

We just went to the Spaghetti Factory in Vancouver on Thursday. Always fun!

Hope to see you soon!

Laurel :)

melody-mae said...

Thank you Jen for the comment. It means a lot.

Laurel, it is not me missing her though it is the fact that she was upset about missing the boyfriend. :) I am very use to her not being around...she is the one who went to Africa. ;) I just had a hard time not fixing the 'hurt' she was feeling about the being apart from the boyfriend! LOL

Patty said...

We can't always fix those "hurts" and it often pains us to stand by, unable to make things better.

The best part is, you've raised her well, with your great judgment and strengths. That's the very best we all can parents.

And and pray. I agree with Mama D.

Happy New Year!

Delaney said...

Everything will work itself out. I just moved back home after 3 1/2 years of college & am on the job hunt, but my boyfriend will still be at school, so I feel for your daughter & you. Hope the New Year finds you well!

DeanO said...

Give it all to God - best advice and it what a darling apartment. Happy New year.

Paul Tobin said...

What a lovely post. As the parent of two girls I know what you mean about how hard it is being a parent. Happy New Year.